DC-9 Overdrive


DC-9 Overdrive

User Manual

Looking to add some authentic overdrive grit to your mix? DC-9 Overdrive is a circuit modeled overdrive plug-in that emulates the most famous green overdrive stompbox. The DSP algorithms in DC-9 take into account the entire schematic, using the latest modeling techniques. This gives you an authentic analog sound that matches the character of the physical circuit.

DC-9 is an AUv3 that works inside host apps. Just open up your favorite host that supports Audio Units and add it as an effect. The controls expand when touched so they can be easily seen while tweaking. DC-9 brings the distinctive overdrive crunch to your favorite iOS DAW.

DC-9 gets its name from the Diode Clipper circuit used to create the distortion. Accurate modeling of the clipper by circuit simulation gives DC-9 an edge over the common distortion plug- in. The effect was carefully tuned using A/B comparisons to the original stop box. Blamsoft brings their experience creating top notch plug-ins for the desktop to iOS. The same algorithm is found in the popular DC-9 Overdrive Rack Extension for Reason Studios Reason. You get a desktop quality algorithm at an iOS friendly price.

DC-9 Overdrive is available now as a free AUv3 in the iOS App Store.