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Blamco Filter

User Manual

Blamco Filter is a classic high/low cut filter based on a vintage equalizer hardware unit circuit. It features stepped frequency settings just like the vintage device it emulates. You can subtly remove bass or treble or increase the settings to create a bandpass response. The Blamco Filter algorithm features a full circuit simulation for accurate filtering, including the effects of interaction between the controls. Also included is nonlinear behavior not found in the original passive circuit. This adds adjustable warmth that can be dialed up for authentic growl. The drive capability can hit the spot even without any filtering. Legendary devices like the vintage high/low cut filter remain essential for the professional mixing engineer as well as the home studio producer.

The EQ algorithm in Blamco Filter is a full circuit simulator. Due to its complexity, the filter parameters cannot be controlled via automation. This limitation allows the algorithm to be extremely optimized. The device is efficient even with built-in oversampling. Drive, Gain, and Bypass support automation recording. The algorithm is truly unique, developed 100% from scratch based on electronics industry technology.

Blamco Filter is a tool that allows you to quickly tame highs or lows with a few clicks, plus a great drive sound for warmth. Oftentimes a simple tool is what you need to get the job done. Own Reason? Blamco Filter is available now as a free Rack Extension in the Reason Studios Shop.

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