Shredder Series


DC-1 Distortion
DC-9 Overdrive
t00b Distortion

The Shredder Series gives you great guitar tones at a great price. For less than the price of a typical stomp box you can get the Distortion Trifecta bundle giving you a wide range of distortion options to use separately or combine. The series is great for distortion on other instruments as well.

Each device in the Shredder Series has been carefully modeled after real analog circuits. The circuits are completely simulated, taking into account every component. This technology gives you a more authentic analog sound that is true to the physical circuit.

The Shredder Series is the perfect starting point for a full guitar rig simulation. With a setup as simple as an additional eq and cabinet from the Reason stock devices you can get great results.

The Distortion Trifecta bundle is available now in the Reason Studios Shop.