Zero Reverb


Zero Reverb

User Manual

Tired of the stock reverb in your DAW? Looking for a more modern sound? Zero Reverb is a high quality Feedback Delay Network reverberator in the AUv3 format for iPad. The algorithm has rich feedback with smooth decay for a modern hall-like reverb character. Blamsoft brings their experience creating high quality plug-ins for the desktop to iOS. The same algorithm is found in the popular Zero Hybrid Synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason Studios Reason.

Zero Reverb is an AUv3 that works as a plug-in inside host apps. The available parameters allow you to dial in a wide variety of reverb textures. Just open up your favorite host that supports Audio Units and add it as an effect. The controls expand when touched so they can be easily seen while tweaking. Zero Reverb will soon become your go-to reverb plug-in on iOS.

Zero Reverb is available now as a free AUv3 in the iOS App Store.