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Distributor allows individual Reason instruments to become voices in a larger polyphonic instrument. And allows for interesting variation in monophonic sequences, such as a Matrix pattern. When used with the VK-1 Viking Synthesizer, it allows the monophonic synthesizer to become a full featured multi-voice synthesizer. Distributor is the perfect starting point for building a modular synthesizer. Own Reason? Distributor is available now for free trial and purchase in the Reason Studios Shop.

In typical digital polyphonic instruments, all of the voices have exactly the same tuning and timbre. But this isn’t the case for many hardware instruments. Modern day analog synthesizers have separate circuits for each voice and each circuit can differ due to slightly different component values, and differences in trim pot settings. And some famous classic analog synthesizers, such as the Oberheim Four Voice, are true multi-voice instruments.

In addition to being a polyphonic voice controller, Distributor includes a full set of voice modes found in analog synthesizers, including some hard to find modes, such as Hold, Chord, and Freeze from Oberheim instruments. Distributor also features a full set of CV outputs, mapping MIDI pitch wheel, mod wheel, aftertouch, and sustain to CV jacks. The Distributor rotor clearly indicates the current pattern.

On the back, Distributor has CV jacks for MIDI performance outputs and a voice selection input. The Poly switch allows Distributor to control the voices of a Polymodular System synthesizer. See the Polymodular System description for more details.


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