Movement Waveform Generator



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Movement is an eight-stage arbitrary waveform generator that can act as an envelope, LFO, or high-frequency oscillator. The interactive graphical display lets you quickly adjust the waveform to your desired shape. Own Reason? Movement is available now for free trial and purchase in the Reason Studios Shop

When used in the Polymodular System, Movement is typically used as an envelope to control the F-16 filter and Mark VIII amplifier, but it is also often used as an LFO, and high-frequency oscillator.

By clicking and dragging the anchor points on the display, you can quickly modify the waveform to suite you needs. The anchor points let you adjust both the time and level of a stage simultaneously. Knobs for each parameter are available as well.

Movement comes with patches that show how to create basic envelopes and LFOs. Many complex waveforms can easily be created once you have learned the basics of how to use Movement.

Movement has eight outputs supporting PolyCV and one Mono output.