Polymodular System


Distributor CV Switch
VO-1 Viking Oscillator
Movement Waveform Generator
F-16 Analog Filter
Mark VIII Amplifier
Audio Splitter
Polymodular Audio Splitter
Audio Merger
Polymodular Audio Merger
CV Splitter
Polymodular CV Splitter
CV Merger
Polymodular CV Merger
CV Breakout Box
Polymodular CV Breakout Box

User Manual
Factory Sound Bank Download
Device User Manuals Download

The Polymodular System is a set of high-quality synth components that allow you to create modular synths in Reason. The modular approach gives you control over the synth design. You can add as many oscillators as you like, use a mono or stereo signal path, and control the number of voices and voice layering. The components themselves are very flexible with an abundance of features. The Polymodular System can be configured for up to eight voices of polyphony.

The Polymodular System Factory Sound Bank includes 110 custom Combinator presets designed by Tom Pritchard, Navi Retlav, odarmonix, and eXode. These designers each have outstanding individual portfolios and have earned respect in the Reason community. They were recruited based on their excellent reputation from their own Refills and unique individual sound design style that fit Blamsoft’s creative intent for the system. Their unique styles come together to form a well-rounded collection of patches that are immediately accessible for production. In addition, there are 20 starter Combinators that provide typical routing scenarios as a starting point for further tweaking.

The Polymodular System bundles are now available in the Reason Studios Shop. Polymodular System I is for users who don’t own Distributor. Polymodular System II is for users who already own Distributor.

For more information about PolyCV, see the blog post.