Blamco Mid-Range Equalizer


Blamco Mid-Range Equalizer

User Manual

Blamco Mid-Range Equalizer is a classic three filter parametric equalizer for vintage tone adjustment. The legendary device can be used to quickly improve the sound of any instrument or vocal recording. The algorithm for the device features a full circuit simulator, giving you the exact filtering characteristics. A unique aspect of passive EQs is the interaction between the filter sections, which is fully modeled in the plug-in as one schematic. A special capability of Blamco Mid-Range Equalizer is its drive, that can be used for adjustable warmth or dialed up for authentic growl. Easily boost frequency content with the two peak filters or cut mid-heavy tracks with the dip control. The filtering is musical, making it easy to improve the sound without hassle. Legendary devices like the vintage mid-range equalizer remain essential for the professional mixing engineer as well as the home studio producer.

The EQ algorithm in Blamco Mid-Range Equalizer is a full circuit simulator. Due to its complexity, the filter parameters cannot be controlled via automation. This limitation allows the algorithm to be extremely optimized. The device is efficient even with built-in oversampling. Drive, Gain, and Bypass support automation recording. The algorithm is truly unique, developed 100% from scratch based on electronics industry technology.

The mid-range equalizer has been a mainstay in top studios throughout the decades. Blamco Mid-Range Equalizer puts the power of the original design in your Reason rack. Own Reason? Blamco Mid-Range Equalizer is available now for free trial and purchase in the Reason Studios Shop.

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