DC-1 Distortion


DC-1 Distortion

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DC-1 Distortion is a classic guitar pedal emulated with precision using advanced analog modelling technology. This distortion sound has been used by famous bands on countless hit records and is well known by virtually all electric guitar players. Generally known as a Diode Clipper, variations of this circuit have been used in many different pedals. Besides the specific diode clipper circuit, all stages of the pedal circuitry were modeled carefully to give a rich, complex, analog sound. Own Reason? DC-1 is available now for free trial and purchase in the Reason Studios Shop.

Don’t let the simple controls fool you. DC-1 packs a unique powerful sound that is the result of cutting edge modeling technology. Try it out for free to see for yourself. Compare it to other Distortion plug-ins. It’s up for the challenge.

At Blamsoft, CV and automation are always a priority and all controls offer automation with CV available on the back.