DC-9 Overdrive


DC-9 Overdrive

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DC-9 Overdrive is a circuit modeled overdrive that emulates the famous Ibanez® TS9 Tube Screamer. The DSP algorithms in DC-9 take into account the entire schematic, using the latest modeling techniques. This gives you an authentic analog sound that matches the character of the physical circuit. Own Reason? DC-9 is available now for free trial and purchase in the Reason Studios Shop.

Like DC-1 Distortion, DC-9 gets its name from the Diode Clipper circuit used to create the distortion. The accurate modeling of this part of the schematic gives DC-9 an edge over the common distortion plug-in. The effect was carefully tuned using A/B comparisons to the original stop box.

Can you tell the difference? A guitar riff is first played through a stomp box then again through DC-9.

On the front you have the identical controls from the stop box with the additional dry/wet mix knob. On the back you can control every knob with CV and adjust the CPU usage with the Quality switch.


Here’s an example of how DC-9 can add crunch to drums.