PS – Polymodular Malstrom Project

Distributor is great for making multi-voice instruments with unique character, since each voice of the instrument can be tweaked differently. If you’re not familiar with how Distributor can turn synths into fatter more interesting instruments, you may want to check out the Distributor tutorials. The Polymodular System components allow for processing multiple voices of an instrument from one device. They can be used to create unique polyphonic synths.

Expert user Paul van der Heijden has taken these concepts to their fullest potential and created an amazing collection of Combinators that combine Malstrom with the Polymodular System. The voice settings are controlled using a centralized set of knobs that overcomes the typical workflow problem with unique voices. He has created some very interesting and powerful new synths that sound fantastic.

The patches are nicely packaged in a refill with an included user manual. You just need Aftermath Audio’s free CV8X4 Rack Extension. Paul has also created some new additional patches in an addendum refill. For the addendum you will need the free Elements: DS-LFO Rack Extension by AirRaid Audio.

Polymodular Malstrom Project Download
Polymodular Malstrom Addendum Download

From Paul:
“The concept of these devices is to mimick the workings of some modern, analogue modeled softsynths and apply them to those cool graintables in the good old Malstrom. I’ve always loved the Malstrom, but it is a quintessentially digital synth, meaning can sound quite thin and harsh by itself. These devices are an attempt to alleviate that problem using the Polymodular System. They allow you to play a large number of Malstroms at the same time, while using overall macro controls to detune and offset the individual voices in order to create nice harmonizing and unison effects. But hey, it’s still the Malstrom so you can just as easily create a terrifying vortex of digital howling. It’s up to you!”

These patches are huge. But the controls are labeled in the CV8X4s at the top. Have fun!

Note: For vibrato you need enable Run Pattern Devices.


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