kn0b CV Controller


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Are you tired of the same old lfos and envelopes dictating how your modulation sounds? Ever wanted to automate that parameter only accessible through CV? kn0b CV Controller puts you in charge of the back of the rack. Be your own arpeggiator or lfo. Control CV from an automation lane. It’s all just a turn of the knob, or kn0b if you will. kn0b is coming very soon to the Propellerhead Rack Extensions Shop.

kn0b offers a simple yet effective user interface so intuitive that you probably won’t even have to read the manual. A high resolution knob can be turned to virtually any position. Using advanced DSP technology, this position is translated into CV. A CV output jack on the back of the device lets you connect to other devices so they will receive the CV signal. kn0b outputs either unipolar or bipolar CV signals for total flexibility.

kn0b offers the latest in potentiometer modeling algorithms. A highly detailed physical model of a platinum alloy wiper sliding on a linear taper conductive polymer resistive element provides you with the highest quality knob turning experience available in an audio plugin. A quality switch allows you to control the CPU usage of the algorithm.

Look for the kn0b Automation Clip Refill coming soon…


April Fools 2014!