PS – Monosynth with Modulation

In this tutorial we walk through a Monosynth patch. This patch has two oscillators, two LFOs, a filter, an amplifier, and three envelopes. It has a lot of good examples of how to use the Movement Waveform Generator as an oscillator, LFO, and envelope.

Combinator Patch Download

Let’s begin with the two oscillators.


Osc 1 is a sawtooth and is in the left channel of the signal path. Osc 2 is a sharktooth in the right channel. You can see that the mode switch at the top of each Movement device has been switched to HF, for high frequency. And also notice that segments have been loop enabled, which makes them part of the waveform.

An LFO is used to modulate the pitch of the two oscillators in response to the Mod Wheel.


The LFO is a triangle waveform that is in LF, or low frequency, mode, The trigger mode is set to hold and the segments are loop enabled to create a continuous LFO. Note Amount has been turned up so the Combinator note affects the LFO rate. Note that Combinator MIDI only affects the Mono output on the back. The CV Splitter is used to split the LFO output signal for the two oscillator Coarse timing inputs to control the pitch.

Next is the filter envelope and filter. The envelope is a classic ADSR envelope. The filter is a 4 pole lowpass with quite a bit of resonance.


The filter frequency is modulated by an LFO. The LFO has an envelope applied so it fades in and out as the note is held. The LFO is a ramp shape that is synced to tempo. Note that the Movement is in Sync mode.


The last stage of the synth is the amp envelope and amp. Once again, there is a classic ADSR envelope.


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