PS – MultiSubtractor with Envelopes

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The MultiSubtractor patch using Distributor is a great way to get a unique set of sounds from multiple Subtractors. The patch is nice, but it would help workflow to have common envelopes for all of the voices. This tutorial shows an example MultiSubtractor patch with Movement controlling the filter and amp envelopes. It is also an example of using the mysterious CV Breakout Box.

On the front you can see Distributor, which acts as a voice controller. The CV Breakout Box allows Distributor signals to go to both the Movements, which uses PolyCV, and the Subtractors, which use MonoCV. Then you can see the four Subtractor voices.


On the back is where the action is. Distributor is in Poly mode, so its outputs are all identical PolyCV. The PolyCV from Distributor output 1 goes to the Movements. From output 2, it goes to the CV Breakout Box. The CV Breakout Box outputs are routed to the Subtractors.

The envelopes are controlling the filter and amplifier on the Subtractors. The filter envelope CV outputs are routed to the Filter 1 Freq input on the Subtractors. The amp envelope CV outputs are routed to the Amp Level inputs on the Subtractors.


Now you know how to improve the workflow on a Distributor based patch by using Movement envelopes.

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