PS – Polysynth with Modulation

Let’s take a look at a Polysynth patch that has some modulation in the amplifier stage.

Combinator Patch Download

In this patch, Distributor is used as a voice controller supplying PolyCV to the other devices. What is PolyCV? It’s a new communication protocol that allows polyphonic instruments to be triggered by CV. In the Polymodular System it allows eight gate or note signals to be carried on one cable.

At the top of the patch is the Distributor. It has the same functionality as usual but the mode switch on the back has been set to Poly. All of the outputs are identical PolyCV.


Next up is the oscillator. In this patch a VO-1 is used. The two oscillators in the VO-1 are slightly detuned and one is an octave lower than the other.


The oscillator outputs are connected to the filter. F-16 has 16 modes to choose from. In this case, the filter is a 2 pole bandpass with some resonance. The Movement acts as a filter envelope controlling the cutoff frequency.


The outputs from the filter are connected to the Mark VIII amplifier. The Movement acts as an amp envelope that controls the level of each voice. Note that Mark VIII has pan knobs that have been adjusted to give stereo width to the patch.


Modulation has been set up to control the output panning of Mark VIII. A triangle LFO modulates the pan, and an envelope fades in the modulation. Note that this envelope is controlled by the Combinator MIDI whereas the other envelopes are controlled by PolyCV. The Mono output is used in this case. The Mod Wheel controls the rate of the LFO.


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